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At Green Days Day Care, we provide personal centred care for adults with learning disabilities including autism and various other conditions which can affect or delay social, emotional, educational or work skills development.

Yvonne FounderOur Founder

Yvonne Stone – Green Days Day Care Founder

Yvonne initially started working with adults with learning disabilities when she was 16 at Sandhill Park she then later started working at six acres in Taunton before developing her own group within six acres for the more challenging of the guys. This group was called focus and is still running today but now through green days.

Yvonne was always passionate that although the guys had learning disabilities they should still be offered the same choice and opportunities as everyone else. This is why she set up Green Days daycare. Daycare without walls was her motto. She loved being out and about and giving back to The community, she passed on this enthusiasm and determination to all of the guys. The foundations of green days are built on this and the service will always be run in her honour. She changed the lives of hundreds of people for the better and her legacy continues through green days. Devastatingly Yvonne‘s time was cut short, but she made the time she had count and her love and smile will live on forever x

Our Aims

  • To provide a day service of interactive activities that encourages and develops each student’s individual interests and abilities.
  • To provide outcome-based support to help our students achieve work-oriented tasks.
  • To encourage personal growth within an environment that provides emotional security using a safe, stimulating, responsive and flexible approach by staff.
  • To stimulate an interest in, and positive attitude towards the natural world.
  • To encourage and develop appropriate social contact within the group and within the community.
  • To acknowledge the attainment of individuals goals in a way that is meaningful to the student.
  • To provide transition to other services or work where appropriate.
Green Days Day Care Adults with Learning Disabilities taking part in community gardening
Student pursuing his individual outcomes by learning how to count money at Green Days Day Care
Group of Adults with Learning Disabilities on a trip with Green Days Day Care

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