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At Green Days the activities we offer are endless due to everyone being person-centred. We’re always on the look out for new things to try and new experiences to offer our guys. We make sure that every activity is worthwhile to the individual and our aim is to give everyone as many opportunities to learn new skills as possible. We then help them to apply these new skills into many different areas of their lives. All our activities are outcome based for the individual.

Group from Green Days Day Care at Swimming Pool



Women from Green Days Day Care Bowling in Taunton

Ten Pin Bowling


Walking football Green Days Day Care

Walking Football


Adult with learning disabilities dancing at Green Days Day Care



Group from Green Days Day Care roasting marshmallows in the forest

Forest Activities


Green Days Day Care clients socialising and learning life skills

Socialising with Friends

Fun/Life Skills

Community gardening at Green Days Day Care, giving to the local community.

Community Gardening

Nature/Life Skills

Man learning to play the drums with Green Days Day Care



Group playing tennis with Green Days Day Care

Gym / Fitness


Three adults with learning disabilities performing a meaningful activity, grooming a horse.

Animal Care

Life Skills

Two women playing the piano at Green Days Day Care

Music Production

Fun/Social Skills

Archery activities at Green Days Day Care Taunton



Women smiling learning how to cook at Green Days. Our activities promote independence.

Cooking for Fun

Life Skills

Two men doing arts and crafts at Green Days Day Care and learning transferable skills

Arts and Crafts


Woman looking at art in a museum - Green Days Day Care

Museum Trips


Christmas Celebrations at Green Days Day Care

Christmas Activities


Ziplining and other fun activities at Green Days

Trips Outdoors


Woman giving thumbs up and smiling on residential trip with Green Days Day Care

Residential Holidays

Fun/Life Skills

Recent Projects

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