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At our venue Hurley view we are lucky enough to have a small holding of our own animals. They are all very friendly and everyone at Green Days Day Care enjoys caring for them.

Animal Care

Our students take pride taking care of the animals at the Green Days Farm in Hurley View. They are responsible for the following:


  • Daily Feeding,
  • Washing/Cleaning/Grooming,
  • Exercising the animals

Our Animals

We have two pigs ‘oinky and popcorn’ a sheep ‘daisy’ two ducks ‘quackers and heart’ and 5 rabbits. The guys have very important roles in caring for our animals, this is a responsibility that they take very seriously and the animals are always so well cared for. Whether it’s cleaning them out, feeding them or just giving them a cuddle there is always a job to be done.

Hurley view is such a beautiful place to work the views are spectacular, it’s a lovely place to come to relax and for some peace and quiet. 

Green Days Animals - Oinky and Popcorn
Green Days Animals - Oinky and Popcorn
Green Days Animals - Quakers and Heart
Green Days Animals - Daisy the Lamb

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