This takes place every other Tuesday throughout the year.  We walk, take photos and write poetry in order to connect with the diverse landscapes, and we write down all the feelings we have whilst visiting these different places.  The project offers the opportunity for plenty of physical activity, with the group walking for at least an hour each visit and at times across rough terrain and scaling steep inclines. Purposefully designed questions help to lead discussions about what they see, what they liked or didn’t like and how different places make them feel.  The group are also learning how to read Ordnance Survey maps, use a compass and are starting to identify different trees and leaves, plants and birds.

Thanks must go to Kristen Lambert, Emma-Jane Preece, and the Quantock Rangers. The project is being supported by the National Trust as we start and finish our trips at Fyne Court. During the winter months we have been using the library there for our discussions and creative time, which we hope to take outside as the weather improves. We are also working towards getting access to the teaching room at Greatwood Forest on a regular basis, – thanks to the Forestry Commission.  The results of our sessions will feed into the Quantock Hills Landscape Character Assessment, a piece of work led by Quantock Hills AONB Landscape Planning Officer Emma-Jane Preece. The group have recently been invited to speak at a conference to speak about their experience.


Late January

The fallen tree, covered in moss, grassy green, cold and soft. Fern is growing, a sign of spring, the birds sing a sweet tune.

The stream drifts away, the sound of trickling water. Claggy brown, muddy shoes, through the bright green bushes and the steep path.

Feeling sleepy, relaxed and warm.