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Work Skills – Outcome-Based Support

At Green Days we help our students develop valuable work skills and experience. Our aims for encouraging these work-based tasks are for our students to learn transferable skills, earn individual and team achievements and outcomes, build their own self-confidence, take part in meaningful activities, contribute to the local and wider community, and in some cases earn their own money through employment.

Work Placements

We are lucky enough to have a fantastic community of participating businesses and volunteer groups that allow us to encourage our students to take part in work placements, that help them learn new skills and disciplines.

Green Days Work Placements - Green Days Shop

Green Days Shop


Green Days Work Placements - Hive Cafe

Hive Cafe


Green Days Work Placements - St Giles Kennels

St Giles Kennels

Animal Care

Green Days Work Placements - Community Gardening

Community Gardening


Green Days Work Placements - Litter Picking

Litter Picking


Green Days Work Placements - Cats Protection Charity Shop

Cats Protection Charity Shop


Green Days Work Placements - Compass Disability

Compass Disability

Care Work

Green Days Work Placements - Taunton Museum

Taunton Museum


Green Days Work Placements - Rainbow Care Farm

Rainbow Care Farm

Animal Care

Green Days Work Placements - Wellington Youth Centre

Wellington Youth Centre


Green Days Work Placements - Hurley View Workshop

Hurley View Workshop


Green Days Work Placements - Somerset Wildlife Trust

Wildlife Trust

Animal Care

Our Courses

We provide several courses for our students. They help them learn valuable skills that can be put to use in the both in the work place and in their everyday lives. What is also key is that the achievement helps build their self confidence, and feeling of independence.

Green Days Day Care Courses - Money Course

Money Course

Life Skill/Maths

Green Days Day Care Courses - Food Tech

Food Tech Course

Life Skill/Food Prep

Green Days Work Placements - Somerset Wildlife Trust

Retail Course


Recent Projects

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